Friday, December 14, 2012


I do love the winter season. Its my favorite excuse to wear heavier clothing, stay indoors longer, and watch holiday themed films. I generally like to avoid more cliched and generic holiday films, and I tend to lean toward the less conventional. One of my favorite films is Gremlins, from director Joe Dante. Gremlins is one of the most bizarre, but fun films of the 1980's, that starts as a family film, then becomes a horror film, then becomes a dark comedy, then reverts to a horror film. Its about a family that gets a cute, little, mysterious pet, called a Mogwai, for Christmas, but it multiplies when it gets exposed to water, and the other Mogwai's are fucking assholes. They are like frat boys. But when they are fed after midnight (which was a rule that was given as the Mogwai was purchased) they mutate into monsters, now they are like soccer hooligans. The creatures that first started off as minor annoyances, have turned into full blown monsters. These things are bastards!!! They drink, they smoke and they kill. And its all for their fun. But god, is it entertaining to watch. The movie is a perfect cross between horror and comedy. It almost feels like a Looney Tunes cartoon (even featuring Looney Tunes artist Chuck Jones in a small cameo). All you need to see or know about this film are the Gremlins, themselves. I'm not going to go in depth about the plot, because Frankly, I don't watch this film for the plot, just the Gremlins. That, and Phoebe Cates. Once they creatures mutate, it becomes a horror film, after the creatures seemingly overrun the town, it becomes a comedy. All the antics that they get into is hilarious and some of the most entertaining scenes from the 80's. It is a damn shame that movie aren't made like this anymore. Never again will you see monsters gambling, drinking, singing to Snow White and flashing woman all in the same film. If you love monsters, slapstick, Frank Welker, or the 80's, give Gremlins a go. I will pop this baby in anytime and because there is so much going on, there is always something I missed before, and I will never get tired of it.
Tis the season
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