Thursday, December 20, 2012

Take Shelter

In light of the oncoming apocalypse tomorrow, I thought I'd give you a film about the end of the world...well, sort of, Jeff Nichol's over looked, Take Shelter from 2011. Take Shelter is a film about a man who receives premonitions about a storm that is coming and begins preparing for it. He has dreams, hallucinations, hears noises, and all the while everyone around him thinks that he is going crazy.The film is led a powerhouse performance from Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Premium Rush, Man Of Steel) who is just a regular guy named Curtis who has a wife, a job in construction and a def daughter. He already has a storm shelter in his backyard, but decides to expand and fortify it and his new hobby worries everyone around him. The hallucinations and dreams affect him very aggressively, as he begins to wet the bed and even has seizures, but he knows how crazy it all seems so he tries to pass it off as a mundane thing. It is later revealed in the film that his mother is a schizophrenic and then the visions really begin to be questioned. Is this a film about a man who is receiving an omen about a forthcoming disaster of biblical proportions, or about a man descending into madness? Even Curtis begins to suspect he may be losing touch with reality at points.
 Either way, its an amazingly emotional and terrifying ride from start to finish with great performances from the entire cast, and the performance from Michael Shannon was indeed Oscar-worthy, and probably the biggest academy award related upset in years. Its hauntingly chilling, brilliantly directed, fantastically scripted, and unbelievably acted. If you haven't heard of this film, its both a crying shame and perfectly feasible. One of the greatest films I have ever seen, and please go out and see this before the world ends, because it just may change the way you look at life. Or it won't. Who the fuck knows. Its a kickass film and I would include it on a list of movies to see before you die and all time favorites
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