Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The People Vs. George Lucas

What can be said about George Lucas that hasn't already been said? Well, a lot apparently. Such is the subject of Alexadre O. Phillippe's documentary The People Vs. George Lucas. It goes without saying many people dedicated their entire lives to Star Wars, and when a new Star Wars film was announced, all those people lost their shit. Some more literally than others. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was easily the most anticipated film of all time. Like I said about the Dark Knight Rises, it couldn't live up to its huge expectations, but the difference is that Star Wars has a huge cult following and the fans wanted to like it, myself included. But as time went on, we learned that it sucked like a Dyson. Then some years went by and we all gave Lucas another shot and the benefit of the doubt, and he fooled us again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... And then he got us again, but by this time we all realized that Lucas is not the genius creator we want him to be. These films angered his fans, almost across the board. Many went as far as to say that "George Lucas ruined my childhood" Now with a title like this, you may think that the arguments would be very one sided, but, more or less, all sides are examined and its not just an hour and a half of 46 year old fanboys complaining about the star wars prequels. As a lifelong fan of Star Wars, I was very eager to hear international opinions from level headed professionals (not just angry fanboys) on what George Lucas started as, and eventually became. Star Wars is a phenomenon. There have been toys, books, models, board games, fan films. Its one of the biggest events in our history. For some, its not just the biggest part of their life, it IS their life. And when Lucas comes along and changes his films, he IS indirectly changing their life. Sure there was complaining from fanboys, but the film isn't as angry as it would seem. The people seem more baffled by Lucas' decisions than angry. Keep in mind, the people being interviewed are grown ups with real jobs, that live and work in the real world. It is spliced with clips from fan films from people that wanted to make their very own star wars, some of those people grew up to work in Hollywood as editors, animators, etc. Also shown are clips from various mediums where people shown utter disgust at either the prequels or the special editions. Especially Simon Pegg from an episode of Spaced where he yells at a child because the child didn't know what it was like to grow up with Star Wars.
This film wasn't just an introspective through the eyes of some people that used to like Star Wars before it was tragically exploited by a cold, money hungry business man, but it was also nostalgic hearing people talk about how Star Wars affected them in a positive light and how it first touched them. It really brought me back to a time when Star Wars was my world, because every male child, and some female children, experience that at some point. Star Wars isn't just a movie, and this film proves it. Love George Lucas, or hate him, but he did craft the largest Sci Fi franchise of all time. Granted, not on his own, but the man still gave us Star Wars, and any fan who loves Star Wars or documentaries should give this a watch. I highly recommend this, and I recommend you all recommend this.
May the force be with you
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