Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 30 most anticipated films of 2013

This is purely a list of films that I want to see this year, and I recommend you all keep an eye out for them too. I disqualify any film that I have already seen from being on the list for obvious reasons
30. The Lone Ranger (Director Gore Verbinski) Release date: July 3
29. Machete Kills (Director Robert Rodriguez) Release date: September 13
28. Foxcatcher (Director Bennet Miller) Release date: TBA
27. Insidious: Chapter 2 (Director James Wan) Release date: August 30
26. The Wolf Of Wall Street (Director Martin Scorsese) Release date: TBA
25. Jack The Giant Slayer (Director Bryan Singer) Release date: March 1*
24. Nymphomaniac (Director Lars Von Trier) Release date: May 30
23. Elysium (Director Neil Blomkamp) Release date: August 9
22. Monsters University (Director Dan Scanlon) Release date: June 21
21. Kick Ass 2 (Director Jeff Wadlow) Release date: June 28
20. The Look Of love (Director Michael Winterbottom) Release date: March 8
19. OldBoy (Director Spike Lee) Release date: October 11
18. Pacific Rim (Director Guillermo Del Toro) Release date: July 12
17. Side Effects (Director Steven Soderbergh) Release date: February 8 Note: This is Soderbergh's final film
16. The World's End (Director Edgar Wright) Release date: October 25*
15. Thor: The Dark World (Director Alan Taylor) Release date: November 8
14. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Director Robert Rodriguez) Release date: October 4
13. The Conjuring (Director James Wan) Release date: July 19
12. Dallas Buyer's Club (Director Jean-Marc VallĂ©e) Release date: TBA
11. Oz: The Great And Powerful (Director Sam Raimi) Release date: March 8*
10. Star Trek Into Darkness (Director JJ Abrams) Release date: May 17
9. Iron Man 3 (Director Shane Black) Release date: May 3
8.Only God Forgives (Director Nicolas Winding Refn) Release date: May 23*
7. The Evil Dead (Fede Alvarez) Release date: April 12
6. The Wolverine (Director James Mangold) Release date: July 26
5. Mud (Director Jeff Nichols) Release date: April 17*  Note: The director of Take Shelter
4. Before Midnight (Director Richard Linklater) Release date: September 19*
3. The Counseler (Director Ridley Scott) Release date: November 15*
2. 12 Years A Slave (Director Steve McQueen) Release date: September 6*
1. Man Of Steel (Director Zack Snyder) Release date: June 14
That's my list for this year. If there is a movie on here that you haven't heard of, be sure to check it out and watch for it. There are some films that I marked with a * and that just means it's made by one of my favorite directors and I will almost not miss, and neither should you.

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