Friday, January 11, 2013

Oscar Nominations

Remember when The Dark Knight was snubbed at the Oscars and everybody was pissed about it? So the academy decided to put 10 films in the best picture category? So why are there 9 films and one of them is Les Miserable? Well that's because the academy is bullshit. Granted there is a certain level of quality to any film being nominated, but certain films get neglected and everyone knows it. I just wanted to reflect on my main problems with the academy and all the ridiculous snubs over the years. I'm glad that certain people get nominated (and I truly hope Hugh Jackman wins) and I don't think that being nominated is meaningless, but too many people get overlooked and ultimately become under appreciated because they don'y have that "*Oscar Nominee" tag.
One of my biggest problems with the academy is that it is biased to a shameless degree. This first became an issue to me in 2009 when Iron Man was not only not nominated for best picture/director, which many people believe it was the best film of the year, but it wasn't even nominated for best actor. Instead, while the academy did acknowledge Downey by putting him in the less prestigious "Best Supporting Actor" category. Still a good achievement, but the performance in Tropic Thunder was not as tremendous as Iron Man. Another preposterous snub was when everybody was sure the The Dark Knight was going to win best picture, and it wasn't even nominated. I honestly think that Heath Ledger only won because he died. Not that it wasn't a great performance, but if that film wasn't nominated for best picture or director, why should it ein Best Supporting Actor? No reason, thats why. Also, Wall-E was the best reviewed film of the year and it wasn't nominated. Most likely because it was an animated film, but The Reader, a film that wasn't very well received got the nomination because it was about the holocaust, therefore it was "mature" as opposed to the "juvenile" Wall-E, which was actually a much more intelligent film.
 My main problem with the academy is that they will give oscars to people that never got one in their long and lustrous career (Sean Connery). A good example of this is is when The King's Speech was nominated for best original screenplay, and it was up against Inception. A film that won various screenplay awards. As visually captivating as inception was, the thing that drove the film was the screenplay. On the surface it was a film about dreams, but underneath it was all about a man dealing with the loss of his wife. But The King's Speech ultimately won, and only because the writer (David Seidler) is 5 million years old. But why was The Kings Speech in the original screenplay category, when Argo is an adapted screenplay? The answer is because The Social Network was clearly the best adapted screenplay of the year and the academy felt they had to give it to Seidler. I could go on about this for hours, but I was hoping I could point a few things out to the public about the very biased academy so that you won't get upset when your favorite films don't get nominated/win. Its all politics and at the end of the day, your favorite films of the year are still your favorite regardless of what some stuck up biased assholes think.
Examples of snubs: Jack Nicholson, Batman
Tim Burton, Ed Wood
Chris Nolan, Memento
Michael Shannon, Take Shelter (I can't escape that film)
Darren Aronofsky, everything he has ever done
Tom Cruise, Tropic Thunder
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