Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

An Oscar worthy Jessica Chastain
Zero Dark Thirty is the coolest title of all the films that have come out, so far, in 2013. Also, appropriately, it is the best. Considering the only other movie that I have seen this year is Texas Chainsaw 3D, so if you want to know if it is actually good and want the pros and cons, read on. No reason to waste time, the film was good. In fact it was very very good. It took a subject that I actually couldn't give less of a shit about and had me enthralled for near 3 hours. Had I seen it before 2013, I may have put it in my top 10 of 2012, but I'm not going to think about it and just keep it as a 2013 film. The story itself wasn't anything that was too special, but it was told in a very compelling manner. Just a woman hellbent on finding Usama Bin Laden. But she never gave up and gave a shit about her job, and it was refreshing seeing somebody so dedicated to finding one person. I think most people would have given up after half a decade, and she pursued him for a full one. What makes the film worth watching is the very careful and precise direction. This is the exact kind of film that could easily be misconstrued as propaganda or a violent and over the top war film in the hands of a director like Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay or Paul W.S Anderson, but Bigelow knows exactly how long scenes need to be in order for the right amount of tension to set in. I, for one, didn't know the story of this, so I didn't know how it was going to turn out, other than they get Bin Laden, at some point. So I was constantly intrigued by the escalation of the plot. It was a good old fashion taught thriller, set as a modern day war piece. It is both terrifying and exciting. The cast is quite large and full of a lot of famous faces, but Jessica Chastain ( a favorite of mine) shines brighter than I've ever seen. I would very much like to see her win the Oscar for this, because the performance is both intense, yet humane. She has seen too much blood, but she knows that she can't let go because she is on the right track. The whole film glides right through its 2 hours and 47 minute run time with ease thanks to clever editing and great pacing, and it all builds up to a tense and gripping finale that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The finale is done without background music and it leaves you with a strong feeling of unease. It takes a much talked about story and translates it better than it ever should and it fits perfectly on the silver screen. In many ways, it is the JFK of this generation. Seriously, watch these 2 films back to back and you will see the parallels. True story, based on a book, ensemble cast comprised of lots of famous folks, and the time it spans. Best of all, it parallels JFK by being superior film making. It works as a film before it works as a story. It rightfully earned its obvious Best Picture, Director and Actress nods. I recommend it to everyone. Give it a shot...In the dark XD

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