Friday, April 5, 2013

Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a remake of the 1981 masterpiece from director Sam Raimi. This is the perfect example of why you do not remake a good movie. Not because the remake itself is a bad film, it just doesn't measure up to the original. Leaving this film, I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to watch the original and I have no desire to revisit this film ever. It had a lot of positive elements to it, but overall was just overindulgent. It was like eating a plate of frosting. Wouldn't you rather have a nice balance with cake? It was just too much frosting. It felt too long and had a sever case of "too-many-endings-syndrome". The characters (overall) were weak and nobody measured up to the charismatic performance of Bruce Campbell. Two characters were good, but the film as a whole felt like it was less about the characters, and more about paying tribute to The Evil Dead. There were nods galore, and it definitely stood out from the original, but the experience isn't as satisfying as the original. There was so much blood and gore, but it was really light on the scares. The story did kind of seem like a metaphor for detox, which I thought was very clever, but then it turns to carnage, pretty quickly. The violence was a bit uncomfortable at times, and that was the high points of the film. In all honesty, the film delivered what was promised, but why did it feel so hollow? Because you are constantly reminded of the original Evil Dead. The perfect example of a good remake is the remake of Fright Night. It pays tribute to the original, but it stands on its own 2 legs, and it does a good job with it. Fright Night isn't constantly reminding you of its source material, and has a decent enough story and fun characters to keep you constantly interested. There were a lot of positive things about this film, including the make up/overall effects, the camera work, the set up and obviously the gore. A LOT OF GORE. But it really needed a Bruce Campbell type to keep us interested throughout the end. The first 2 acts are good, and the third act is tedious. My consensus, if you are looking for a fun horror film this season, you aren't going to do better than this one. It has some pretty disturbing imagery, good gore, and some chilling atmosphere, but the filmmakers should have learned from Gus Van Zant on why you shouldn't remake classics. When you spend too much time paying homage, you lose out on essentials like character development, original story and scenes that stick with you. The film isn't too memorable, but as a horror film, it is above and beyond the average mainstream fare that is released every year.
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