Monday, April 29, 2013

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is a fucking awesome summer blockbuster and god damn this is the best movie I've seen this year and that was hard for me to say. This is the most well rounded comic book film I've seen in a long while and I think it is as good as History of Violence and Sin City. Every single thing in it is fucking perfect. Everybody has a job to do, and they do it well. Tony is great, duh, Pepper is great, Happy is great and Rhodey is great. The first act is so riveting, and is the best first act of any Marvel film, ANY Marvel film. It has one of the coolest scenes in recent history and is chopped full of so many small little intricate details. It certainly has more tension and better drama than the Avengers, and may be the best in the series. Downey is as good as ever, and it's always a pleasure seeing him in the role that reinvigorated his career. You'd think that after seeing him in the same role 4 (5 if you count The Incredible Hulk?) that the novelty would wear off, but he is better than ever. It's nice seeing an actor that really cares about the role that he is in for a long haul. He is the core of this series, and frankly, its why I keep heartily coming back to it. Iron Man 3 asks, "does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?", and boys and girls, the man makes the mother fucking suit. Tony kicks a lot of ass in this and does some pretty sweet James Bond work. The villains have never been better, with the exception of Loki, and are a highlight of the film, which is a good change of pace considering the other Iron Man films. Jeez, give Ben Kingsly another oscar. His performance is so amazing in this, and its so much more than you think it would be. I really think Guy Pearce steals the show, though. I really felt bad for him. He became a villain because Tony is/was an asshole and he needs to pay for the person he used to be. Granted he learned his lesson in the first film, but that wasn't enough for Killian (Pearce). He is a personal favorite of mine, anyway, and he is such a fucking bastard in this. While the action scenes are bigger than ever, they never feel extensive. I feel Marvel finally got the formula right for everything in this film, which may be in part to Shane Black's perfect direction and brilliant writing. Joss Whedon is the fanboy's writer/director, but Shane Black is the filmmaker's writer/director. So much is crammed into the film, but it never feels overstuffed. I really never wanted it to end. It is definitely the best of the Iron Man movies, and it feels a bit more mature, not that The Avengers was immature, but this story is a bit more adult. It has a lot of pretty good twists and is the least formulaic of main stream super hero films. Each act is steadily better than the previous and it flows at an exciting and gripping pace. And the third act, ohhhhhhhh boy. I'm really getting tired of saying how great this movie is, so I will just say the third act is brilliant and badass, full of fun quips, some clever surprises and a giant, dazzling action spectacle. It more or less comes full circle, from where the trilogy began, and even includes a cameo from a great character that is no longer with us. It actually plays out like a standard trilogy. All the staples are there: higher stakes, bigger baddies, bigger action, and as always, the past bites the hero in the ass. The whole thing is wrapped up in a nice way that can truly be the end of Tony Stark's adventures as Iron Man, but who wants to believe that? I adore this film and will gladly endorse this as the best film of the year so far, and one of the better movies of this decade. It opens Friday and everybody go see it. One really awesome thing about it, is that it begins with a narration, and it is really cool who he is telling the story to.
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