Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim

BAM. BOOM. FUCK YOU MONSTERS! Pacific Rim is a giant robot creature feature, that is all spectacle and almost no substance. It is pure science fiction action. There are two ways to make a movie, in my opinion: You can tell an interesting story with philosophy, deep metaphors, strong characters and a plot that can be personal and relevant to the audience, or you can forego that in favor of a giant spectacle that leaves the audience on the edge of their seat and is pure dazzling entertainment. Pacific Rim is Guillermo Del Toro's love letter to Godzilla. Sure it has a strong anime influence, but it is very much him just trying to make a big monster movie that is all jaw dropping entertainment, and boy was my jaw open. This was the first film in almost 15 years where I really felt like I was rooting for a super man. There was a constant sense of danger, tension and the monsters were so vindictive, that I really wanted them to get their ass kicked. It was like being a kid again. The story was by the numbers, but it didn't matter, because of how it was told and the man in charge. Del Toro really cares about interesting visuals and puts it very high on his priorities. The main character sucked and pretty much every character is a top gun stereotype, with the exception of scene stealing Charlie Day and Ron Perlman, but none of that bothered me because I was constantly engaged in what was going on. Normally a lead character is in place to guide you through the film and keep you emotionally invested in what is going on, but this time it was all about the robots. Michael Bay pretends to be the go to visual effects splendor guy, but he lies about that like he lies about everything else he is involved in. Del Toro understands the appeal of visual effects, it is not about how much money you pump into the CGI, its about what you can do with them. The monsters were really interesting looking and had really cool powers, but the thing that stole the show were the robots. The robots were also perfectly made to reflect the nation that created them. The Chinese bot was sleek and lean, the Russian bot was a clunky crappy looking machine, and the Australian bot was an English convict. I was invested in everything that this film fed me, and even though it was by the numbers blockbuster, it was still the most refreshing action film I have seen since X-Men in 2000. I give it a perfect rating and recommend it to absolutely everyone. It is my third favorite movie of the year and it is easily my favorite action movie in years.

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