Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Conjuring

The Exorcist for a modern age. While it's not completely original, it is the scariest film in many, many years, if the the scariest since Alien. The Conjuring is the most refreshing film in years. That is said from the mouth of a horror fan. I was raised on horror, and it is my favorite genre. But like anything else that becomes tired and stale, I found myself looking for other genres to explore. There haven't been many good scary movies over the years, let alone original ones (remakes, sequels, reboots). I will admit that I prefer to see independent dramas, but that is only because I can trust the quality of the film making more from those types of movies, than say a new verynormal activity movie. In fact, one of the worst film's I have seen in recent years was the "horror" """""film""""""" Silent House. If anyone remembers my 5 rules of horror, this one only met one of the rules, but it was the most important rule: It was SCARY. It was scary in a practical sense, too. Not cheap fucking jump scares, or just loud noises. There were about 2 jump scares in the entire film, and both of them were very appropriate. Nothing was cheap in this whole film. This is the most competent and technically impressive film I have seen this year, and I was so surprised by that. This is the first film I have seen this year that I think is worthy of a "Best Achievement in Directing" nomination from the Academy. Mud was close, but this one is a sure thing and I would give my vote to it. The cinematography was the best of the year, and the sound was super tight. All the performances were believable, and nobody felt out of place or hammed it up. James Wan is what people thought M. Night Sucksatfilmmaking was going to be. He knows how to tell a story, knows how to set up a scene and can deliver a satisfying climax. He doesn't rely on cheap gimmicks and is a very intelligent filmmaker. Sure he missed with Dead Silence, plenty of great filmmakers have made some flops (Jack, Revolutionary Road, Alice in Wonderland, Spy Kids 3-D). Insidious was very much the prototype to this film. Every flaw that Insidious had is now fixed, and every positive element about Insidious is improved ten fold. I'm tired of saying "favorite movie of the year" or anything related to the sort, so I will just say, if you are a fan of horror, or even a fan of cinema as an art form, go check out The Conjuring.
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