Friday, August 9, 2013


Elysium is a Science Fiction film, that takes place in the future; where the wealthy live in the apple store (here called Elysium), in space, and the poor live in Mexico. The wealthy consist of attractive white people, and the poor are Mexicans, Filipinos and Matt Damon. The plot is that wealthy people get to live in a utopia, and the poor live in...Mexico, and the poor want to get to the utopia, because there is a cure for everything on Elysium. Matt Damon gets poisoned and, as a last ditch effort, returns to a life of crime in exchange for an illegal ride to Elysium. After that, the film becomes standard blockbuster fare, and not in a modern sense. It was actually very entertaining. It moved along very nicely, the action scenes were cool, Sharlto Copley was incredibly scene stealy, but the best part of all was the look to the film. Aside from some questionable slow motion shot, they film was always pleasing to look at. I really get the impression that this was meant to be a summer blockbuster, as opposed to the much deeper District 9. Its really nice to see a summer blockbuster that is rated R. I like seeing blood in my action films. It's almost a lost art. Its rare to see films like that nowadays. The 80's are over, so we are all out of Robocop, Rambo, and The Running Man. Instead we either get a superhero movie, or some other crappy brand name with an inflated budget and way too much CG. This was a nice in between modern blockbusters and 80's action films. It wasn't deep, but it had a certain visceral punch. I really didn't care about any of the characters, but at the time when I realized that I didn't give a shit about any of the characters, I realized that I really liked all the tech. The guns were really sweet. I don't normally care about guns, but these were really cool. I liked that instead of making shiny and polished CG effects, they actually decided to make the guns, armor, robots and such creative and cool. The stuff on Elysium was really pretty and shiny, but all the instruments of war were gritty and reflections of the world they were a necessity for. One thing worth noting, that I think is very funny, is that this film has the exact same ending as Jason X. I say, give it a watch, because I think good R rated films are worthy of your support, instead of shit like Grown Ups 2 and We're the Millers.

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