Saturday, August 24, 2013

The World's End

The World's End is (sadly, but in a good way) the final chapter in the blood and ice cream trilogy from Director Edgar Wright, and it is a film, much like the other 2 about growing up. Five childhood friends decided to reattempt a legendary pub crawl that they failed to finish in their teen years. As the five unite, out of either guilt for the state of the man that brought them together (Simon Pegg) or just for a chance to see the other 4 one more time. As the night goes on, they realize some things never change, but as the 5 delve deeper into the pub crawl, they realize that it's the town that has changed. It has a lot to say about friendship, camaraderie, letting go of your past, reliance on technology, keeping up with the Jonses, and accepting people for who they are. Edgar Wright is one of the finest story tellers working today. His movies have so much subtlety that it puts Citizen Kane to shame. Not that I would make that comparison. This film is not as action packed as the last 2 entries, which I thought was a strange surprise, but that is okay, because all of the characters and the dialogue were great, which was expected. It also had some fun role reversal, where Simon Pegg was the man child and Nick Frost was the grown up. Even though Pegg's character was a huge piece of shit, I still really cared about him and sympathized with him, because he just wanted to accomplish something. He was clearly living in the past because his life was never as good as it was the last time they tried that pub crawl. Once the sci fi started kicking in, I almost forgot it was that kind of movie, because I cared so much about the relationships and the interactions between the characters. Of course having fun action scenes with A.I creatures is always fun. This is one of the best films of the year and a perfect way to both end the summer, end the cornetto trilogy, and wash the taste of You're Next out of my mouth. And like Hot Fuzz, it features James Bond. Highly recommend it, and it is a good time for all

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