Thursday, September 12, 2013


Riddick is the (surprisingly) much awaited sequel to 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick, starring Vin Diesel as space Conan. Riddick is the third film in the cult "Riddick" series about a man named Richard P. Riddick who is every male's fantasy; a badass, tough as nails, stoic, silent but deadly, sexy and mysterious man, with shiney eyes, who is good at everything and even gets the girl. Now, with an introduction like that, you may think that I think very little of the character, but it is actually the contrary. I think what makes all the Riddick movies so watchable is how classic of a character Riddick is. He is a macho 80's action hero, which is really a lost art. In the 80's we had action heroes like Arnold, Stallone, Van Damme, and even Chuck Norris to a lesser extent, who all played characters with these cliches, but as the 80's ended, these cliches became taboo, and action heroes lost these dynamics. These stereotyped characters only became a product of the 80's because the market was so over saturated with characters like this, and like anything that is used to much, it becomes boring. Riddick is a breath of fresh air in this regard, and it is all the more comforting because he is portrayed by a man that really adores this character. This film is very aptly named, because Riddick is the best part of the film. He is a character you really can't hate, even if you try. He is a well written, and well established sci-fi anti-hero that hearkens back to the days Kyle Reese and Snake Plisken. We don't need a complex backstory, (granted we got little bits and pieces in the previous films) as long as we see his actions tell his story. He is a bad mother fucker and he doesn't need to explain himself to anyone but the audience. The film, as a whole, is entertaining, but its all the little things that make it great. For instance: a rugged anti-hero, an R rating, a simple premise, Karl Urban, nudity, cool creatures, cool guns, and a modest production. The aliens themselves had a pretty cool design, despite being CG and CG can only look so good. Its a film that doesn't betray its roots and is much closer to the original film, Pitch Black, thematically and story wise.
  Its leaner, sleeker, and tighter. The low budget shows at times, but that is almost more refreshing, because the studio put out a movie that would rather give the fans what they want than crank out some pretty looking crapfest. Riddick is the reason we go to the movies. It is highly entertaining. Its corny at times, but in a way that we love. Like the movie Commando, which in all respects is a "bad" movie because of its ridiculousness, and over the top one liners, but for those reasons, we love it, and that is what makes it a good film. We watch it, we enjoy it, we watch it again, and we love talking about it. Riddick is exactly the same. It is a film that is made for people that enjoy these types of movies. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Sci Fi or action, and it is one of my favorite movies of the year