Sunday, November 24, 2013

5 reasons David Hayter should remain Big Boss

I haven't been to the movies in a while because I haven't really cared about many things in the theater (apart from 3 films on my most anticipated list), so as an alternative, I thought I would weigh in some of my feelings as to why David hayter should remain the voice of Naked Snake/Punished Snake/Big Boss. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Metal Gear, for it is probably the greatest fictional war ever told. The war I am referring to is, of course, the war between Big Boss and the Patriots, which is the epicenter of all conflicts in the Metal Gear series. But what really keeps me invested is the emotional connection I share with all the characters. And in the center of it all is Snake, voiced in English by David Hayter. So here is my list of 5 reasons why Big Boss should stay as David Hayter.
5. Sutherland lacks the pizazz of Hayter. He just sounds like tired old grandpa. granted, I understand that Big Boss is getting older, but Ground Zeroes is only a few months after the Peace Walker incident
4. Sutherland and Downes lack chemistry together. This is a minor point, but in the English Ground Zeroes opening, Miller and Big Boss are conversing, and the dialogue between the 2 seems very flat. There is a much stronger emotional connection between Hayter and Downes, and those emotional connections are what make MGS thrive.
3. Akio Otsuka is Big Boss in Japan. If the slate is going to be wiped clean, then it should be done on both sides. Because of this fact, Hayter is clearly being excluded for being Hayter, otherwise there would be a new Japanese voice actor providing the voice for Big Boss.
2. We as an audience have an emotional connection to Hayter as Big Boss. You could make the argument that Sutherland can do a better job because he is a better actor, but we know Hayter as Big Boss, and Sutherland is an outsider. The change in character this late in the series is so jarring, that
1. As the last entry in Metal Gear Solid, it would be a shame to exclude Hayter. It's not only a shame, but it is disrespectful. Thanks for the years of service, now go away
These are just my personal opinions, you can agree, disagree, I really don't care. I am still holding onto hope that Kojima and Hayter will surprise us with an announcement that Hayter will be Punished Snake/Big Boss, but every day, it seems less and less likely.
I didn't feel the need to include my next point on the list, as I felt that the others were a bit more relevant, but Kojima did state that Hayter's version of Snake was as close as possible to what he imagines Snake should sound like.
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