Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

There is actually very little to say about this film. It's generic marvel fare; good villain, neat visuals, great humor, and all the characters play off each other very well. One thing worth noting is that the supporting characters have a lot more to do this time around. I'm glad I say it, but at this point, there isn't really much new that a blockbuster can bring to the table. It isn't the same story structure as say Spider man, or Back to the Future, but it works as a very good fantasy fable. That's why these Marvel movies are acceptable. Even though they are all basically the same, there is something different that each brings to the table. Big budget fantasy films are always a welcome addition, in my book, especially if they are done right. This isn't as good as The Avengers, Iron Man, or Iron Man 3, but it is much better than the other Marvel films. This is a bit of a missed opportunity, in the sense that it could have been a much darker film, but it is punctuated with light-hearted humor all throughout the film, preventing it from reaching that "total darkness" that sequels really should have (Empire Strikes Back, Godfather 2, X2, The Dark Knight). It also features my new favorite cameo in a Marvel film. And, as always, Loki is the best. So, yes Thor: The Dark World is a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if it doesn't really bring anything game changing to the table. Of note: there are 2 post film scenes; mid credits and post

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