Wednesday, December 25, 2013

American Hustle

It's no secret that my all time favorite director, and hands down the greatest director of all time is Stanley Kubrick, but David O. Russell makes films the way that I want to make films. There is such a brilliant subtlety about his pictures, that really conveys emotion and flesh out characters, through his tight and near perfect direction. This is a man who knows what he wants from his actors, and how to get it. American Hustle is a grown up film with very mature themes. Now when I say mature, I don't mean that it is dark and serious (quite the contrary), I just mean that it knows its audience and keeps it at an adult level at all times. It never panders or pulls an punches. It is very much a movie about its characters and the actors who play them. Jennifer Lawrence's performance is most possibly the most over-hyped performance of the year, and she was just okay, but everyone else in the film is fantastic. Christian Bale deserves another Oscar, but somebody else will probably get it. i will be absolutely shocked if he doesn't get nominated. This is a film for people that want to see an interesting character piece, that is a fictionalized retelling of the ABSCAM scandal of the 70's. One of the most entertaining films of the year, possibly in my top ten, and I think anyone who likes thinking should see this film.
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