Saturday, March 8, 2014

300 2

300 2 is a movie about the unification of Greece that takes places during the battle of the hot gates. It has more of the same visual splendor, visceral action and boobs that make the first one great. Overall, this is a better movie than the first one. The reason the first one is so revered is because of the visual style that it had; that and the quotable moments. It was like a new Matrix. But with this film, although it isn't as fresh as the first one, it is more like a Hollywood film, rather than a comic book adaptation. It follows the same structure as the first film, except for the ending. In that regard, it is very Hollywood. It's not as grim, but it is much more violent, and gory. That, though, is the film's strongest point. Normally, I would think the excessive action without an interesting story to drive it would end up boring, but this is one of those action films that makes you want to see more action. The filmmakers identified what was good about the first one, and just improved on that formula: The action is still thrilling, the visuals are still striking (and more consistent), and the drama is kept to a minimum. There is just enough back story to justify the motivations of certain characters, but it never feels bogged down with it. The movie goes by at a thunderous pace, and never feels boring. That is very important for a film that's main selling point is the action. And the pristine bow that ties the whole package together is total commitment from Eva Green. She is so phenomenal as the villain, and I can't really picture anyone else doing a better job, and the film might feel kind of silly with any other actress. She is a classic diabolical femme fatale. For a movie that really had a lot going against it, 300 2 is a surprisingly great pre-summer blockbuster, and I heartily endorse it as the first great live action film of the year. If you are into violence, that is. If you aren't into blood and gore, I suggest you pass on this, but otherwise I highly recommend it, especially as a big screen movie.
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