Friday, May 16, 2014


Godzilla is a sequel? Or it's at least canon, maybe? Or possibly it's just a reboot which pays homage to the original film. Either way, it is a superb summer blockbuster, on a very grand scale. The human characters are weak, and the only purpose for having them is just so we can have a narrative Hollywood story. The thing that makes it worth seeing is Godzilla, and all Godzilla related carnage. The reason why I say it is a superb summer blockbuster, and not summer film, is because to get the full effect of the product, you need to see it on a big screen with big speakers. I don't think it will really hold the test of time, because it won't have the same impact on smaller screens. This is a film I recommend highly in the theater, but not much more than that. Godzilla is badass, and fucks the monsters up. It's better than Transformers, and succeeds in doing what it set out to do. Which is: making a disaster movie with giant monsters and returning Godzilla to the big screen. Mission Accomplished, and it is so much better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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